Panel Discussion

Topic: Semantic Communication for B5G Wireless Networks

Moderator: Prof. Neetesh Purohit, IIITA Prayagraj India,

Time: 15:15-14:30

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Abstract – It is a well-known fact that Shannon’s Communication system model is serving as the backbone of all modern communication systems including the latest fifth generation (5G) cellular networks. However, efficient implementation of a reliable beyond 5G (B5G) wireless networks for all three communication modalities, namely, Human-to-Human (H2H), Human-to-Machine (H2M), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M), has a larger set of requirements which is indicating the need of upgrading the Shannon’s Model itself. Introducing goal oriented design, utilizing the information residing in semantic contents of the message, creating and utilizing knowledge banks at the source and destination, unification of information generation, transmission and usage, emphasizing semantic error correction, etc. are some complimentary provisions envisioned over and above the Shannon’s model, which is collectively referred as ‘Semantic Communications’. The advancements in the technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, availability of significant storage and computational capabilities even in the handheld wireless devices, and many other similar developments can speed up the development of Semantic Communication. Observing the potential of the Semantic Communication system model further research is needed towards defining a robust mathematical framework for end to end semantic communication including the microscopic and macroscopic assessment of semantic value of the messages, identifying the characteristics of involved semantic noise along with the ways of nullifying its impact, efficient implementation models for goal oriented communication, upgrading the Machine Learning techniques from traditional pattern matching to the level of understanding and reasoning, Developing suitable Semantic Metrics, and Semantic Aware Multiple access, etc.

Participants: PG and Ph.D. students of centrallly funded IIITs and the registered conference attendees can participate in the panel discussion free of cost. However, others need to enroll explicitly by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 250/- only.

Minute-to-Minute Programme

Introduction to Panelists 5 Minutes
Brief Introduction of Topic by the Moderator 25 Minutes
Panelists' Views 60 Minutes
Questions and Discussion 25 Minutes
Concluding Remarks by the Moderator 5 Minutes